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Asset Investigation

Asset Investigation Services are normally required to cover assets, which are essential in executing any civil judgments. National Detective & Corporate Consultants has a team of efficient management are engaged in determining the opposing party's net value through various means such as Real Property Ownership (State or County), Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, Department of Motor Vehicle Ownership, Fictitious Business Name, Corporation & Limited Partnerships (Secretary of State), Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings, Professional Licenses and many more so that when it's time to collect, know where and how to serve your judgment.

Property Fraud Investigation

Owing to our Property Fraud Investigation Services, our clients have been able to select a proper property and avoid controversial property and fraudulent. Our professionals thoroughly check all the

  • Title investigation
  • Verification of the original revenue records
  • Mmarketability of the property
  • Genuine documents
  • Ownership of the property
  • Survey & valuation of the property
  • Property tax and assessment
  • Encumbrance certificate and proper approvals from authorities.
  • These services are available at the most economical prices.

Asset Investigation

We are offering Asset Investigation. Asset details of directors, individuals and companies are often required by our clients like banks and individuals for various reasons including debt recovery.

ndcc has the expertise of locating particular asset or assets including hidden asset or benami assets in the name of individual or company and provide documents to prove the authenticity of the information. Ndcc is also capable to establish the link between the owner of bename property and actual owner and NDCC has a very very high rate of success.