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Corporate Investigations

National Detective & Corporate Consultants offers various corporations, non-profit organizations and law firms a comprehensive solution in identifying, responding, and mitigating risk through a integrated suite of professional Corporate Investigations service. These investigation services are necessary to assure security and avoid fraud & forgery around various corporate operations. Our investigators specialize in performing comprehensive research involving asset searches, locating witness, and real-time criminal and civil record retrieval services for law firms and corporate legal departments. Moreover, all our investigations are based on authentic data and with sufficient proves. Further, our service is very reasonable.

Internal Corporate Investigation

Internal Corporate Investigation is a very wide term which includes both internal and external investigation such as anti management activities, manipulation of accounts, stealing important and confidential information etc.

Internal Corporate Investigation prevents

  • An organization confronted with an out-of-the-ordinary allegation of wrongdoing
  • Raised either by an employee or by a third party such as a customer, vendor, or governmental agency
  • Must make prompt and often irrevocable decisions regarding the response to those allegations and the means by which they will be investigated and resolved.
The purpose of an investigation is to gather facts so that an organization can make a credible determination as to what happened in a given situation. If someone is thought to have violated a policy, guideline, or the law, conducting an effective investigation helps the organization reach a conclusion that is based on the most accurate facts available. Having accurate facts are the basis of a sound, legal conclusion.

Anti Management Activity Services

We are affianced in rendering Anti Management Activity services to the clients. These services inform the clients about any possible instance of fraud or cheating that could happen in their organization in the upcoming future. Our organization brings to light anti-company union activities and individual employees involved in such activities. Due to our effective services, the clients have been able to identify the fraudsters. These services can be availed at very nominal prices as per the specific requirements of clients.

Corporate Investigation

We at National Detective & Corporate Consultants, are offering reliable and authentic Corporate investigation services which involves both internal and external investigation such as anti management activities, manipulation of accounts, stealing important and confidential information etc. Moreover, our Corporate Investigation is aimed to prevent criminal schemes originating outside the company, formation of unions and their activities against their management, loss of company assets through fraudulent billings of products through suppliers, short supply inventory contracts, checking agents, distributors small & big , due diligence of dealers, suppliers, vendors also become subject matter of investigation.

Talent piracy from other corporate is also a matter of attention. We provide both methodology and manpower to handle these multiple problems of corporate and that too in very affordable charges. Few of the matters in which we provide our investigation services include:

  • Anti management activities
  • Manipulation of accounts
  • Stealing important confidential information
  • Formation of unions and their activities against their management
  • Loss of company assets through fraudulent billings of products through suppliers
  • Talent piracy from other corporate

Corporate Fraud Detectives

We offer Corporate Fraud Detectives. To ascertain information on person / persons (mostly holding key positions or sensitive position) involved in the alleged misappropriation of funds, misuse of their position including blackmailing their management.

  • Narrow down the suspect areas
  • Zero-in to kingpins
  • Keep a close watch on their movements activities
  • Collect information through cultivated sources on their assets and financial position to nail them down.
Since NDCC has a very long experience in handling corporate fraud cases with huge rate of sucess attached they use the different modus operandi in different situation depending upon the facts available NDCC has a team who are highly quqlified for interrogation as well .