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Private Detective

We bring forth comprehensive and customized Detective services to our esteemed clients, which are aimed to derive useful information, which might help in solving many issues of clients. Further, we have specialization in cases relating to matrimonial inquiry, corporate matter, government or financial issue and even private familial investigations or business deals, which requires secret investigations. Moreover, backed with the support of diligent teams of professionals our services are providing a winning edge over competitors.

Moreover, the services which we provide are private & confidential in the field of Matrimonial Investigations, Employment and background investigations, Under-Cover Operations, Industrial Espionage and others. Additionally, we charge a very reasonable amount also from our clients.>

  • Specialization in cases relating to matrimonial inquiry, corporate matter, government or financial issue
  • Diligent teams of professionals
  • Services which we provide are private & confidential
  • Reasonable charges

Detective Services for Missing and Kidnapping Case

Ndcc is one of the leading and reputable detective companies in delhi, india. We have out own criteria to analysis a Detective Services for Missing and Kidnapping Case based on the inputs provided by the clients. This helps in deciding whether investigation on such a case whether would bear results. Whether anyone is missing or absconding or whether the case is a personal or corporate assignment, we excel in providing the apt investigative services in locating them promptly. If anyone is involved in some fraud in the company, we depute a team of investigators to search for that person. The search may be different in various aspects and sometimes may cross any border. Because we operate in almost all the major cities in india including delhi, mumbai, bangalore, chennai, kolkata, pune, dehradun, new delhi and haryana and across the globe, we are able to satisfy our clients in a better way. We have garnered a lot of appreciation from all quarters due to the fact that all assignments relating to missing persons have been solved successfully.

The company has had a great success in achieving their targets due to our large network of detective agents across india as well as globally. We operate in major cities and states like new delhi, mumbai, delhi, chennai, uttar pradesh, kolkata, goa, haryana, gujarat, karnataka, bangalore bihar, madhya pradesh, ahmadabad, chandigarh and entire punjab, himachal pradesh, tamilnadu, shimla, pune, kerala and dehradun. Besides india, we conduct our investigations overseas including countries like london – uk, america- usa, uae, bangkok , japan , dubai , sri lanka , new zealand and paris - france. Our professional detectives are present all over world enabling us to conduct investigations services within an unbeatable smaller time period and smaller budget.

Detective Investigation

Our organization is engaged in rendering Detective Investigation to the customers. The team of diligent & experienced professionals undertakes this work to make sure that all the demands of clients are fulfilled within the stipulated time limit. Our investigation includes corporate matter, government or financial issues, matrimonial inquiry, private family investigations or business deals. Moreover, we keep all the documents & investigations secret from other people.

Under Cover Agents

We are affianced in offering Under Cover Agents Detective Services to the clients. These services satisfy the demands of personal sector by checking the friend, family, beloved, spouse and kids. Even these are popular among the corporate sector such as checking the employees, competitors and running trade union. Our undercover agents are well trained to mix up with drivers, maids, servants and employees so as to get the desired information from them. These can be customized as per the specific requirements of clients.

  • Well trained and qualified Undercover Agents
  • Keeps feeding back the latest to update information
  • Enabling the client to take decision at the right time
  • Cost Effective services