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National Detective & Corporate Consultants, popularly known as NDCC, is a professionally managed organization in the field of investigations and is well entrenched in the arena, providing desired quality service - which may safely be termed to be the 'Best'. The company primarily commands expertise in multi-pronged investigations with over a decade of experience in successfully handling varied, complex and at many a times obnoxious assignments. We are a 'One Stop Shop' in the sphere of investigation/verifications - be it a private/individual related investigations or corporate related issues.

NDCC is headed by Ms. Taralika Lahiri, leading lady detective of India having 25 yrs of experience in this field. She is supported by team of dedicated experienced professionals from this field. The mission of NDCC has always been “to be a true Professional, quality conscious and dependable investigation company in India” which has been achieved to a great extent.

Ms Taralika Lahiri is a Qualified Professionally Trained Private Detective, she is in the governing body of “Association of Private Detectives and Investigators” and member of “World Association of Detectives”. She is also assisted by modern technology consisting of GPS tracking system, hidden powerful cameras for sting operations, cyber software etc this not only gives an edge over other companies but also helps solving complex cases in India and across Globe. NDCC is operating not only all India but across globe with the help of reliable and dependable associates. Ms Lahiri is known for supervising each case personally and working only with true, dedicated and honest professionals.

NDCC also got an opportunity to work for some of the top most Advocates and solicitors and other corporate companies. The most important USP of NDCC is to retain our client therefore we have clients who are with us for more than twenty years and no matter what they do not go to any one else.

Professionalism & GrowthNDCC is professional to the core and result oriented. "Quality" is the bottom line of NDCC, which we vociferously strive for. To us, quantity plays an insignificant role in our working methodology. It is felt in our company that quantity might bring in revenue and enhance affluence but remains barren of job satisfaction and self-esteem and invariably client satisfaction remains deprieved.

Incorporated in the year 1994, the company has steadily grown into one of the leading players in the country in its field with affiliates and associates in all the metros - we are now a name to reckon with. We maintain a most pragmatic and professional approach to the assigned task and at teh same time foster a personal approach for the clients. Our surveilance and observations are always dovetailed by a concise, cogent, clear, unambiguous and detailed report that is capable of withstanding stormy tests. This has aided to enhance our standing in the market as the most reliable and dependable organization. The certifications by our honoured clients have paved the way for demands form overseas for assignment. Teh clients are now approaching us from other countries.

Why Us

The avalanche of present day global technological revolution coupled with socio-economic changes keeping pace, with nose-diving morality and ethos, the general environment across the world has become somewhat comlex affecting lifestyle - be it an individual, a family or a group. These complexities together with changing behavioral pattern emit new and intricate issues, which need to be addressed in a systematized and formulated manner. This is where NDCC comes in to play its role - to resolve problems, mitigate woes, check veracity of information, undertake various kinds of verifications, arm the needy with material needed most, to become a shadow of an unscrupulous if need by, provide real time activity details, to list a few.